About Elisha Bidwell, LMFT Associate

By weaving together the wisdom of contemplative practices with the insights of psychology and contemporary neuroscience, I work with families to help kids who experience anxiety and stress or who have endured traumatic circumstances learn ways to calm their nervous systems and develop emotion regulation skills so that they can thrive (rather than crumble, implode or explode) amidst daily stressors and triggers.

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This class has been such a blessing…It has taught me so much about meditating. I have used it so much in my daily life. When I am sad, I can sit down and close my eyes and just be. I now can also eat, put on my shoes, listen and feel mindfully (and more). This class has helped me so much! Thank you so much Elisha! You have made my life 100% better. Everyday, as I meditate, I learn more and more! Thank you!11 year old
I learned about the numerous benefits of mindfulness for both adults and children and immediately started “googling!” I feel so blessed to have come across Elisha’s website and doubly blessed that she was able to fit our family into her schedule to train our family of four. She had her hands full with two adolescent boys and two parents – all of whom struggle with slowing down. Elisha’s approach and authenticity captured my boys and they never, once, complained about going to mindfulness training. I’m so grateful that our family has this tool to rely on and grow in.Joy D., parent
I am so grateful for what my client gained through Elisha’s mindfulness group! I watched this highly anxious and fearful tween blossom, finding empowerment and confidence through the group meetings and developing her own at-home mindfulness practice. She LOVED going to group and was so proud to tell me about what she was learning and how it was helping her brain feel more calm. Robyn Gobbel, therapist